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IT Forensics is the science related to the identification, acquisition, preservation, study, analysis and documentation of the data contained in the memories (virtual and physical) found in computers or digital devices, in order to highlight the evidence for investigative purposes.
In the investigative activities, digital memories are analysed for several reasons:
    • systems that are "active" part of the criminal action (such as a system used to make illegal access)
    • systems that are targets for criminal acts (such as a compromised system)
    • systems that are containers of elements related to illegal activities (such as a system that contains evidence of common crime)
TLOGOS offers digital forensics analysis services, in order to protect corporate digital asset against fraudulent activities, and more generally in all those cases in which a digital information can provide an evidence to resolve a failure or an alleged suspected cyber incident. In particular, in the cases of:
    • Computerized and telematic crimes
    • Non-informatic crimes, but performed with the help of computer systems
    • Devices in which evidence of crime committed are found
    • Preventive activities for the company assets protection
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