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The Digital Forensics Services of TLOGOS are configured in specialized consulting activities, designed for:

    • Acquisition, indexing and analysis of digital device data through the use of forensic technologies and methodologies, hashing and chain of custody;
    • Acquisition, indexing and analysis, of server and client system data;
    • Post-incident investigations of corporate servers with the aim of reconstructing the origin and type of attack.
TLOGOS provides forensic acquisition services with photo evidence collection of equipment: from external memories (USB, removable disks, optical media, memory card), to live systems (server), from mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets), to the formation of the chain of custody for the original memories, from the analysis of the memories forensic copy, to the preparation of technical reports with attached data forensic copy, for legal use.
For these services, TLOGOS uses highly qualified staff.
Moreover, TLOGOS uses methods and procedures in compliance with international standards, which allow the use of the data acquired also during the procedural phase.
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